There’s something powerful about that moment when you’re all done up and your confidence goes to another level. The connections you build, the moves you make, the heads you turn… that’s some real life magic. Takara Breanna Beauty was created with that very moment in mind. Whether you’re going to work, going out with friends, going on a date or simply going to run errands, our products are meant to make you feel truly empowered.

Life can be challenging at times and we weren’t meant to do it alone. Takara Breanna Beauty was built to inspire, encourage and most importantly, build connection. 

At a time where life felt overwhelming at best, Takara found hope and connection within the beauty community. She started a beauty blog called Too Much Tee and shared both makeup and skincare tips. Shortly after, she started a YouTube channel where she did a variety of makeup tutorials, vlogs and more. Later on, her friends convinced her to become a makeup artist and she had no idea where that journey would take her. 

She was able to establish relationships, inspire, motivate and encourage various people through a common interest, beauty. Soon after, Takara Breanna Beauty was born. 

Takara created Takara Breanna Beauty because one, she’s passionate about makeup and always wanted to have her own brand but two, she wanted to show people that when God gives you a vision.. it's for a reason. It's scary, but staying in the same place is even scarier. We’re all given certain gifts to share with the world and her life changed the moment she started embracing her own.